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About us

In Pursuit of Perfection........

The first time I met a Yorkshire Terrier close-up, I was amazed at the beauty of the contrast in colouring. The steel blue of her body blending with the golden tan on her head took my breath away. I knew then that I had to own one of these gorgeous creatures. One was not enough.... and so it started - the pursuit of perfection.I entered my first championship show at the beginning of 2004. Success is never instant, but we persevered, learnt from the ‘pros’, cried and laughed, and my Ch Littlewoods Magnum Opus of Countryblu became my first Champion! He sired Ch Light Fantastic at Countryblu, who finished his SA Championship at the tender age of eighteen months!My first interest was in the lines that were mainly British, but included USA and Scandinavian influences. Subsequently, I have imported dogs from Camparis in Germany, and more recently from NicNak's in Canada. We are excited and pleased with the resultant progeny, who have done us proud in the show ring. We do not breed commercially, and have only a few puppies per year. Each litter is carefully planned, in an attempt to breed top quality Yorkshire Terriers. Occasionally we may have puppies available to pre-approved pet homes.A note about colour....There is only one correct colour combination for the Yorkshire Terrier, according to the breed standard. We do not believe in compromising the future of our beautiful breed by breeding anything else. We do not support the advertisement of incorrect colours as "rare" and "exotic"Welcome to the world of Countryblu. Please browse the pages, and don't forget to sign our guestbook!

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