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My life will be forever autumn,Now you're not here....

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Littlewoods Vision in Blue of Countryblu9 April 2003 - 21 September 2007Sire: Ch & Ch Lonely Tunes Northernlights (imp Nor)Dam: Yeloands Inspiration for Vihoven (imp UK)


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Ch Hlalala Chivas Regal of Havenscroft2 July 1999 - 21 December 2011"Until the rainbow burns the stars out of the skyUntil the oceans cover every mountain high....I'll be loving you always..."

Ch NicNak's Exclusive27 September 2007 - 16 October 2012"Softly whispering I love you.....I can close my eyes and you're there"My one and only precious Schatzi - this earth was not good enough for you.